about a week ago, I saw a lakme moisturizer pack lying in one corner of my room . It had been lying that for quite some time as  it was one of those discarded products which no-one used after purchasing. In this age of consumerism it does not take more than few clicks to buy stuff and I have done my fare share of buying things which ‘seem’ useful but are not really used much. Now however I am going total Nazi over the space around me and being strict that it is only occupied with items which I actually use.

As part of that exercise I started using this moisturizer as I anyway needed one during winters and placed it in washroom itself so that after bathing I don’t have to think much on what to use. Yes I am not one of those who really thinks much on skin care but then some basics we all need to take care of. I have said no on an occasion when someone offered to buy me new sweater simply because I have finite number of usable items and didn’t really need one.

Maybe I have become overly practical as I keep a google task list for items I need to buy in near future but I don’t allow myself to do immediate purchase. I resist that temptation now because many times those things which seemed urgent become irrelevant and sometimes an occasion shows up in which people are suppose to buy you some gift as a social obligation. This happened recently and I simply asked for two house hold items which I needed and they were also happy to give me what I actually needed .

I know I made it boring but putting such instant gratification related things off for few days or weeks helps us to build willpower. And offcourse it saves a few bucks :).

keep smiling

jai shri hari