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swamiji is my music. He is THE MUSIC.

i love to sing for beloved Gurumaharaj, though devotional songs are not my forte but you only need devotion to sing those songs😅 and may be a little training in music would help. I came across a beautiful composition by. Krishnadas sir called “BY YOUR GRACE” and i felt lot of devotion in his singing l. Tue lyrics are as follows, 

 “ closer than breath

you are the air,

sweeter than life it self

you are here,

i am a wanderer 

you are my


i am a prisoner

you are release, 

jai Gurudev❤️ 
It touched my heart and i made a cover version of it.

so here i am sharing my cover version of “By Your Grace by Krishnadas sir”. Hope you will like it. https://youtu.be/0ihJAkr6N3s

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Much Love ❤️ 
“original song is longer than my version and it has even more beautiful lyrics. You can easily find it on youtube.”


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