I offer my humble obeisance to you Rev. Sri. Sri. Om Swamiji🙏🕉Wishing you good health, peace and love always🙏 Hari Om🙏 Keep showering your Blessings.

Undoubtedly a Mother is like a constant companion, coaching and instilling certain amount of mastery with delicate little nuances to the languages of life to better her child. But eventually every child would still dive within his own heart’s fountain, sense and create yet another beautiful  ‘foreign’ language and find his/ her own sacred and humble  ‘Calabash of Joy’. Yes! this innate joy embraces every Soul .

It feels good to share a beautiful experience on the same.. ….

Dimple, my dear daughter  had just returned home after travelling to India for almost two weeks. According to the norms she had to quarantine herself for fifteen days  since her second jab of the Covid vaccine was due too.  She reported and continued with her office work from home though.

She called in and got an appointment soon after her quarantine period  got over and we went together to take the second Covid shot. It seemed all fine for  few hours after the shot, but then both of us experienced severe headache and high fever and were unwell for couple of days .

The second night was tough. Dimple lay on the bed with a high fever. She was too weak to even move. Though she kept trying to deviate from her restlessness by random reading and scrolling on her mobile. It was almost way past 10 p.m. and suddenly I heard her knocking my door. Hurriedly I got up thinking she needed something, but it was otherwise.

“Mom, I shall be back shortly, just going to deliver some food for a pet. It’s been a couple of days and he has not eaten anything”, she almost choked.

“Oh, okay! that’s very sweet of you to consider, but hope you  are able to drive in this state? Hope the place is not too far ? Do you know the family?” I was under the impression that maybe it’s someone known who needed it and messaged her for the same, for her planning was so sudden. 

“Oh , I don’t know this family , their message was put up on the Facebook page. It’s a middle aged couple, they have a pet rabbit. It seems that they are going through some financial crisis and are unable to buy food for it. I messaged them, sadly no one has come forward to help them even after a day of the message being put up. They have given me the details of the bunny food pellet”, she explained in a hurried tone.

“Awww.. that’s really sad, please go but drive carefully my baby”. I was aware she had to first drive to Walmart to find out the pellet food for the Bunny and at that point in time there were barely a couple of  grocery stores open till midnight that had a pet food section.

“Don’t worry Mom, I shall manage well, will drive slowly, more than anything else that little rabbit needs to eat something. The owners too have not had anything since a couple of days. Though they do not need food for themselves, their concern is only of their little pet. But I shall buy some food and some grocery for them too that lasts them for couple of weeks”. What I noticed in Dimple’s attitude was a firm eagerness and responsibility. Her eyes, though tired, now seemed  wide awake with a sense of care for the unknown. She sounded way better as she narrated the conversation that ensued between her and the couple who desperately needed help without delay. But that’s what compassion does to a being. 

For a Mother this felt like a moment of elation. And who could have stopped a loving heart! A gracious moment  when you witness when one’s own pain seemingly is nothing in comparison to the ones going through a bigger trauma and in need.

I knew Dimple would not have been able to sleep that night had she not extended a compassionate hand to the family in need.  She felt and seemed so joyful after she came back in an hour’s time. The couple she mentioned were so glad and deeply touched to receive help and thanked her enough . What a Blessing indeed!

Many times care and concern of another being in need  supersedes as the highest relationship, an indispensable human versatility that we are all blessed with to humbly fulfill and carry on in this passage of Life.

Calabash 2

Glad my child mothered the sacred language of  the rich purpose of the Calabash within, that only brims with pure joy and proffers loving kindness on humanity. Isn’t it gracious to give back to what shaped you in His Vastness! 🙏🕉

Divine Sri Hari Bless you all with love, peace, joy and harmony, my OS family🙏Thank you for taking your precious time out to read the post. Kindly pardon me if I am not able to respond to your gentle comments, because of health reasons. 

Spiritual Meaning of Calabash:

The word ‘calabash’ denotes bowls made of dried gourd and plays a role to Serve in, for spiritual practices and everyday routine that hold anything from milk and butter to firewood.

Jai Sri Hari🙏🌺🕉
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