A few days back, I called my maternal grandmother.

It was evening. I normally am too busy with studying, so seldom find time to call her, and usually, my mother calls them regularly. 

As she recognized my voice, she was so happy that I had called and kept on exclaiming her surprise at it(albeit jokingly)! I inquired about their health, and whether my grandfather was doing well( he has cardiac issues). It felt such a refreshing change from the daily routine of classes and study. 

My grandmother cracks a lot of jokes and she made me laugh a lot and laughed herself as well. Then I did something which I do not usually do. 

I told her that may she and grandfather be safe and well. On hearing it she said, “Wow my little girl has grown up!”(I’m 16 :)) and we had a nice laugh about that. She sounded really happy hearing it! She even told my grandfather, “Look she is asking us to stay safe!”

I reflected that how saying even such little but sweet things can ease a person’s heart.. And even though she herself too isn’t in perfect health, I am sure she felt a lot better on hearing my words! 

Really how happy the old feel if their dear grandchildren spend but a few moments with them, speak but a few words to them!

How strange and mournful is the fact that in the daily haste of our lives, we have lost the habit of genuine words of kindness, and (in my case) have to bring them out from inside with quite some effort. 

The nectar of kindness has to be squeezed out a small drop at a time from our dried-up heart until the day comes when it flows in streams and rivers all by itself!:)

Jai Sri Hari!

All respects to dear Swamiji!

(P.S. To whoever has supported me through the “Support the Author” option, I give you all the gratitude that is there in my heart, and I shall certainly spend them in the best way possible. Also my thanks and respects to all those who comment and view and the entire os.me community for welcoming my so very humble thoughts and feelings! THANK YOU!)

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