Calling You Lord


O God, I call You with my heart.

Not for me,

But for the man on the street,

For the abandoned old mother

In the cold,

For the hungry children by the drains…

Please come.

The world has left them,

I know You won’t. 


O God, this world a dream of yours—

Yet, all this pain, all this blood

Makes me numb, wrenches my heart

How to correct a dream!

Beyond our capability!

Therefore, O Lord, I call upon You:

O, the Cosmic Dreamer,

Please listen to our cry.


Lord, a fool I am, and too much weak

To help anybody.

I seek you Lord: 

Give me strength

Give me hope

Give the light

Of Your smile—

So that I can bring smile to some 

In this dark ailing world.


O, Lord of the worlds,

Shower Your Grace

Upon us souls.

We are all

At your feet. 


Thank You.
Image Credit: shutterstock.