A happy stone

Rest your back on the chair or if you are standing just drop your shoulders a little bit.


Relaxation is more a trick than a state of mind.

It’s how you train your mind to think.

Personally when I worry, it’s mostly my mind creating horrible stories and one thought leads to another and then my chest starts to contract and then my breath becomes short and I forget to blink. (How about you?)

How I step out of this state. Yoga Asana practice does not help. Mindfulness does.

Ask– ask yourself why am I feeling this way. The answer is usually… You are simply worrying about something that’s not in your control.

Take your attention to your stomach– now take full belly breaths. Breath in balloon up the belly. Hold the breath for 4-6 seconds. Breath out through the mouth as if you are blowing the candle. As you breath out squeeze the belly in. Repeat 10-20 times. Keep your eyes closed.


Ask yourself– what can I do to make this situation (the one that’s bothering you) better?

If the answer is- I can’t do anything…it’s out of my control. Then drop the worry and let the situation take it’s course.

If you can do something about the situation… Work towards it. Make a plan and execute it every single day. Channelize your worry into constructive energy.

Pray- surrender to the higher power. Whoever you believe in… Pray to them and surrender your worries to them. Everyday drop your worries at The Divine feet of your God, Goddess, nature…

These are my seven steps to relaxation. Hope these are helpful for you.

🕉️Om Shanti.

Neha Sharma @erthaneha