Namaste everyone,

Today I wanna tell a story about luck and hard work. A few days ago I was watching a web series named ” Physics Wallah ” and from there I got an idea to write a post on luck and hard work.

Can hard work beat luck ?

Here’s my story :

A few days ago , I started watching a web series about ” Physics Wallah “. It was based on Alakh Pandey sir. How he struggled to open his own classes. So, as usual he was teaching in a class and he saw a girl who was sad and frustrated. She was not paying attention to what was going on in the class. She was thinking about something else. Then he asked that girl why she was sad. She said that she had learned all the chapters that have to come in the exam but nothing came in the exam from them. My luck was low at that time. So, sir said that it is a good question. Can hard work beat luck ? He gave an example of Newton. He said you all think that the apple fell on Newton, and he understood the theory of gravity but actually he has done so much research on it and read many articles on gravity. After that an apple fell on him and he got to know about gravity. After that he invented the theory of gravity. He said if he hadn’t worked on gravity ,let alone an apple even if the entire apple tree had fallen, then also he could not understand the theory of gravity. , So it was his hard work that paved the way for the invention of gravity.

Takeaway : 

Yes I think that hard work can beat our luck. If we work hard we can do anything. It’s not based on our luck.

                         Jai Sri Hari

Keep Smiling 😊