Can i build mindfulness through a broom 🧹 ? 2Use a traditional bamboo broom.

Why you should broom?

Have you ever tried to sweep your room?
If you did, you might be thinking, what can I cook, why he did not call me today, is he having an affair, where can I go this weekend, when will I get my salary, don’t they have any discipline leaving their slippers all over the house, endless thoughts.

And guess what happens when these type of thoughts are dominating your mood? You transfer those negative energies to the broom. You sweep harshly, pushing through things aside harshly, making all the dust cloud all over the floor and suddenly something on the floor! Oh my God, it is a Rs 10 coin!😵‍💫 All other thoughts are out of the mind for about 10 seconds; you feel elated, happy because you found a 10 rupee coin. See, among all those negative thoughts, a single positive thing was enough to dispel all darkness. 

Try sweeping with a calm mind. Whenever your thoughts are drifting, bring them back to the sweeping process because if you don’t go to every corner and broom those specific areas, some places will always remain dirty. Just like your mind, you have to go to every corner, however bad, uncomfortable you think your thoughts or your memories are, always visit, revisit, evaluate and reevaluate.

Pro tips

  • Always sweep consciously and you will cultivate mindfulness. 
  • Be deliberate in your thoughts. While sweeping, say the following, “here goes my negative thoughts”, sweep, “I am sweeping away my depression”, sweep, “out with my money issues”. 
  • Make it always a habit to sweep smoothly and smile.