Mindful eating is what I need.
Mind-fool eating is what I do.

Oh! what an important calculation,
The mind desires to do,
When I sit to eat.

Oh! what war of worlds,
The mind plays within,
When I want to enjoy the taste.

Oh! what forgetfulness,
The mind maintains,
When I even can’t remember what I ate.

Oh! what restlessness,
The mind gets,
When I can’t eat slowly.

Oh! what business,
The mind aspires,
When I sit silently to eat.

Oh! what worth value,
The mind would produce,
When I struggle so much in eating mindfully.

To eat mindfully is one of the hardest tasks for me. And maybe to everyone. For our animal tendencies, breaking old eating habits and patters is too difficult, at least to me.

Every time I sit to eat, I gain enough awareness to remember that I have to eat mindfully and not chase dreams and thoughts running within. But halfway eating, I am gone to completely different world! And a minute later I come back to go somewhere else. I am trying hard to break the pattern.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


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