Here it goes… Recently I had posted mine and my elder bro’s profile on matrimonial community group.. Checking the profiles was assigned to me, later it would undergo scrutiny by my parents.

So as I was checking, I recently came across a profile written with all particulars about his name, age, educational details etc. Of course, every profile do contain similar information. Some are even specific about mentioning the details for horoscope matching( I completely disbelieve this). So he had mentioned his date of birth, his star, time of birth etc.

There was this column where one mentions about his or her Zodiac sign. We all know that these Zodiac signs have names in native language and also the common english names corresponding to each of these signs.

Well, am not making fun of anybody’s language proficiency here. One is not fluent or well versed in English(neither am I, to begin with) does not mean they are illiterate.. They definitely are good at other languages that we do not know of…

Coming back to the joke(long wait like a mega serial eh;)?)… I think his Zodiac sign was Pisces.. We all know pisces has the symbol of fish.

This guy, instead of mentioning that his zodiac sign is Pisces or he could have simply written it as “Meena”.. But he had mentioned it with the literal translation of the sign.

Zodiac Sign- FISH!!

After having read that, another thought immediately flashed my mind.. What was that thought?..

I thought, Thank God its not “Capricorn-Makara”.. Else, may be he would have mentioned it as.

Zodiac Sign- CROCODILE!!!