At exactly 12 am, as predicted by Murthi ji, my face started to grow pale. The waves on the ECG started dropping. My mother was sitting beside me and she saw the colors draining from her  baby’s face like someone was sucking out life.

My Parents, after being in love for two years, tied the knot in November 1991 with the blessings of two over joyed families. But even after trying for seven long years, they didn’t seem to have any luck in extending the family. Being a working couple coming from super cool families, they never had any pressure from anyone for not having a child yet. . 

They wanted a child no doubt but they weren’t desperate. They felt already complete even without a child (something I am really proud of) and weren’t planning on resorting to any crazy ways that desperate people do. A couple in my mother’s office were also going through the same plight, the only difference was, they had family pressure and the husband was told to divorce his lady and marry a new one who could bear kids. But luckily, this lady conceived after an appointment of uterus cleansing. After receiving the good news she informed my mother that may be she could try it too.

During those days someone told my mother about Sai baba and asked her to ask for a “mannat” . My Mom had never heard of him before but decided to give it a try. On the night before uterus cleansing she told my dad that it could be painful and he strictly told her to drop it then. He wasn’t going to let her go through the slightest of pain for a mere chance of conceiving. It wasn’t even a guarantee.

Two weeks after the mannat, she started getting signs and doctor confirmed the good news  with “had you continued with the cleaning you probably would have lost your baby”. Along with the good news of conceiving the doctor also passed on a bad one ” I see a fibroid with the fetus and it’s getting larger. There is a chance that the fetus might not survive”

My mother went straight home with no doubts but only a single thought in her mind “That’s your child baba, if you want to take it away then be it”. Miraculously, the fibroid had disappeared by the time her appointment knocked on the calendar next week.

After making my entire family wait for seven long years I made my way into this world on 11-11-1998. Everyone at the hospital called me the snow-white baby before my grandpa officially spoke “Parvati” into my ears. (It was later changed to Arya then Supriya) . Being the youngest among the cousins and being the “most awaited” baby I was treated with everything best and pampered by not only family but everyone in our locality (that’s why they named me Supriya I guess 😛). My grandfather, Being a famous doctor as well as astrologer read my horoscope and was both perplexed and worried that it showed no life after the age of 2.5 years.

One year later a saint knocked on our door when my mom was about to give me a bath. She attended the saint warmly and offered him money but he wouldn’t take any. He said that he only goes where baba’s bhakts live (though my mom hadn’t mentioned that she prayed to sai baba) and He prophecied that she will soon have a boy too. A year later, I had a fat little baby Brother to play with. My parents’ happiness knew no bounds but the worst was yet to come.

When I was almost 2.5 years old, I was diagnosed with pneumonia and was admitted in the ICU for weeks. My lungs had filed up with water and even after tons of injections, x-rays, and medications  doctors had given up hope. My mother yet still, quietly picked up a flower from baba’s altar and placed it near my bed for she had complete faith that he will save her child.

Just like swami, at those times, my family had Murthi ji. An IIT professor who used to solve people’s problems like a true mystic with the only intension of selfess seva. According to my mother he used to sit still like a rock all day long on holidays just to consult people on their problems and used to lock himself for nine days straight during navratras. Words that came out of his mouth were we destined to bear fruit sooner or later.

When my family informed him about my condition he told them a date and a time. “If the baby passes this, she will survive. Until then she’s in danger” He had told my mama and badi mausi (Mother’s siblings) but no one told my parents about it then. 

At exactly 12 am, as predicted by Murthi ji, my face started to grow pale. The waves on the ECG started dropping. My mother was sitting beside me and she saw the colors draining from her baby’s face like someone was sucking out life. Not knowing the prediction she panicked and started calling out the nurses. On that day my entire family had visited me in the hospital praying like hell that I survive. At 12:05 am my face gradually started coming back to normal and a few weeks later I was discharged from the hospital.

These episodes are another reason why everyone in my family, even after 20 years, treats me like a delicate flower and are over protective of me. Even if I get a little fever they keep asking about it.

Not only this, I have tons of such miraculous stories that re-affirms my faith. 

I know these times are tough but all I am asking is to have a little faith in the master of universe. 

Har Har Mahadev ❤😊

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