Forgiving our Ancestors is forgiving self…A Win Win Situation …like an traditional Hindu,I too believed n practised Sharaad to please our ancestors, pitradosh a Curse on us,a self blame game,🙇 Om Swamiji’s 🕉pearls of Wisdom relieved me of this unbearable burden,as I learnt ,just like horror scope these are myths..I learnt how our Ancestors are the Seeds of our Family Tree,without whom we would 🌔 have never existed,even if a single chain wad broken. Swamiji’s thoughtfully explained, sharad is actually shraada,our unconditional love n respect…And since they exist in our chromosomes, why would they curse us…Never,Ever does Swamiji’s discriminate on gender bias, ,an experience I had,when my educated, elderly cousin, warned me,as a female I neither had the right to perform these duties,nor would they be granted by divine powers..I still continued with my selfless dedication, devotion with delegence,every yr for my father,father in law,mom in law n my husband.. During his lifetime ,I n my hubby were not allowed my father’s last rite though we spent every single penny from hospital bills and all rituals,but not before the public eye…My cousin, a spoilt brat was destined for that…I don’t have any vedic wisdom
Swamiji’s Discourse is an eye opener..👀. This Emotions catharsis,is not a selfless service,but in true sense ,lessening Our own Karmic Retribution.. I repay my debt of gratitude to Om Swamiji..Jai See Hari🙏