Can’t we have a world where,

Children are not asked to do better than others,

But just get better than themselves,

And be raised to confident and aware adults,

As the harbingers of happiness and joy?

Can’t we have a world where, 

Adolescents are not judged by their new expressions of freedom, 

Rather remember the metamorphosis every one goes through, 

And thereby create the space to share their agreements and disagreements, 

As harbingers of change and a new outlook.

Can’t we have a world where,

Families do not fight and break up their lands,

Groping with greed for the best ones,

But unite to prosper,

As the harbingers of sharing and caring?

Can’t we have a world where,

Neighbours don’t peek into the others’ troubles,

And gossip in jealousy,

But rather lend their empathy,

As the harbingers of silence and resilience?

Can’t we have a world where,

Corporates are valued based on,

The joy and value their employees perceive,

And they work to create a healthy and balanced world,

As the harbingers of economic equality?

Can’t we have a world where,

Politicians don’t care about their personal earnings,

And don’t toy with the trust of their people,

But work with a global vision of peace for all,

As the harbingers of unity and respect?

Maybe we can’t have a world as I imagine.

But can’t we have a small world around each of us,

Made more beautiful everyday by our mindful thoughts and acts,

Kept peaceful by our contentment and detachment,

Enriched every moment by gratitude and devotion?

A small world which may one day expand beyond,

Our individual conscious reach,

To make the world I dream of.


PS: Italicized lines added for Hemanya. 😀

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