You have just become a parent? Has no experience how to take care of soft skin of baby? Here are some pints to take care of your baby’s skin so that it remains soft and silky for longer time. The most important point to remember is protect the baby’s skin from harsh weather like hot sun, dry air, cold wind and hot wind. The skin of baby is very soft and it is irritated very easily. If not properly cared then some babies may develop redness and rashes, making the baby uncomfortable and unhappy.
Here are some tips to keep the baby’s skin soft, flexible and comfortable.

Use natural diapers for baby. Select the brand very carefully. Do not use wipes. They can make the sensitive skin red. Use cotton balls and a bowl of water to clean baby’s diaper area. Do not forget to change the water of bowl regularly.
The clothes of the babies should be soft preferably of cotton material. Cotton fabric is a good absorbent and soft to touch. Hence, it absorbs the precipitation and makes the baby comfortable. The clothes should not be too tight as they can harm the skin. The tight clothes with elastics can cause rashes on baby’s soft skin. The baby’s clothes should have strings or Velcro tapes so that the clothes can be easily changed without pulling and pushing of clothes with the soft skin of babies.
Parents should plan outdoor activities in morning or evening to avoid sun and heat exposure to baby’s sensitive skin. When ever go out with a baby in harsh weather protect baby’s skin with proper clothing. During summers, keep away your baby’s skin from direct exposure to sun by covering baby’s head with a cotton summer cap and baby’s body with loose fitted clothes made from tight woven fabrics. This will protect baby’s head and body from hot winds and direct exposure to sun. Summer attires of baby should be light in colour as light colours reflect more light and heat whereas dark colours absorb more light and heat. In winters, cover all the sensitive area of baby like head, nose, throat and ears with woollen caps, scarves etc. Do not forget to cover the baby’s hands with mittens and baby’s feet with socks.
Daily massage baby’s skin with oil to keep it moist and soft. Massage to relax baby’s body. Massaging gives an opportunity to bond with the baby. Avoid using soaps while bathing a baby. If you wish to use then select the brand of soap very cautiously. Avoid soaps with fragrance.
Give the baby to drink lots of liquids and make sure that baby is not dehydrated. Dehydration will worsen the baby’s skin problem.

These points will help you in making the world softer and safer for babies.

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