Do you know you are the only person in this whole world of 8 billion people, who is you?  Do you know you are unique? That nobody has sung the same song as you. I mean the song of life…which only you have sung so far in the way you did and do.

Do you know from toe to head you are an assortment of uniqueness? No one has the exact same face as you. Even if you are twins there is some difference. No one has the exact same fingerprints as you. I am not lying you can ask the forensic people. 🙂 Your handwriting is unique. Nobody wields that pen the way you do. 

And this is not where our uniqueness ends. It starts here…Your mind is unique. Your talk is unique.  Your personality is unique. Your life is unique. You are unique. Let us celebrate each of ours uniqueness by living life as ourselves and not someone else. 


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