A special opportunity for everyone who feel the call of the godess, the divine Mother, the matriarch of Sri Kula, the Devi of Sri Vidya. 

I am happy to inform you that today  is Lalitha Jayanti , Manifestation of Godess Lalitha. (Great if u knew that) 

According to Puranic Legends it is on this day devi manifested, it’s day her form came to light, for any devi upasaka, it’s a very auspicious day to offer pooja to the devi, her presence & grace can be easily experienced on this day. 

It’s recommend to chant lalitha sahasranam or devi khadagmala or any prayer to the godess so some time can be exclusively devoted to godess so her presence can be celebrated & be the reciever for her priceless grace. 

At Sri Vidya Tantra Peedom, we are going to perform the devi khadagmala & if u wish to devote some time godess, I am sharing the devi khadagmala as we perform in our school : 

 Lalitha Khadagmala

Click on the above text for downloading the Khadagmala which is in English, Hindi, Malyalam & Tamil. 


Nyasa Procedure

Some things to keep in mind. 

  •  Some Purification before sitting for Puja is recommended. 
  • You have to sit for an hour while performing the puja in a comfortable posture. 
  • Light a lamp on a plate as base & picture of devi . 
  • You can use a bowl filled with rose water or fresh flowers for offering if not you can simply chant the mala & offer with mind. 

I hope & wish that her grace be with all of us. 

Wishing u all a very happy lalitha jayanti. 

oṃ tripurasundaryai namaḥ .