All Glories to the Supreme Creator. The Mother of the Universe. The Emperor and the Creatrix. Simply put, all of these holy names can be expressed in two words – OM SWAMI.

Infinite obeisance at Your beautiful Lotus Feet Swami Ji.

The Beginning

When Swamiji first announced The Big Decision on His blog, I was out of words and overwhelmed with sentiments. The little box on the homepage of says, “Share Your Truth.” The term ‘Truth’ is not the same for everyone. The truth of life is that truth is not always absolute. Today (Appearance of Beloved Swami on Earth) is the most special day for me to share my truth as I know it. 

‘Serendipity’ is lovely and it is very Divine. A few years ago, I was in extreme pain, and I knew that no one could help me other than the Divine Lord Himself. As an ardent devotee of Beloved Giridhar Gopal since childhood, I knew He’d find me and hold me during the difficult times I was going through, but I had lost the strength to even talk to Him the way I used to.

My elder sister Suman Om, mom, and I are avid readers of books, especially spiritual books. My sister bought a copy of the memoir, If Truth Be Told, and went gaga over the book. Within days, mom and didi finished reading the Holy memoir and brought more books written by Him and about Him. One such beautiful book about HIM was Om Swami: As we know Him. It surely caught my attention at home, but I didn’t read it yet. 

Lo and Behold! In the cold month of December 2016 in Bangalore, A Million Thoughts launch happened. Now, I didn’t know how this extremely incredible “monk” that my elder sister and mom were crazy about would even look like. (I had occasionally seen His pictures in books and videos). My mom and sister were in surrender and wanted to meet Him. With a reluctant heart, I accompanied them anyway to chaperone my little nephew since I was told children below the age of 12 years weren’t allowed during the discourse.

When we entered the hall, I saw the Divine manifestation of the Lord seated in Lotus position clad in Black Robes. Tears trickled down from my eyes, one by one. My heart started beating faster and louder. Clutching my nephew’s little hand, my soul immediately did prostrations to The Emperor of the Universe. The tenth chapter of Bhagavad Gita is my most favourite since He explains the Absolute Truth about Himself. His beauty, His opulence, His demeanour melted me. Fighting back my tears, my nephew and I waited outside the hall (since kids had to clear the hall at the time of discourse). With His Divine Grace, my nephew and I heard His discourse completely outside too! Little did I know who found us that day!! All Glories to Him!! 

Swami beloved
The launch of ‘a million thoughts” where the call of your flute/piano was loudest, sweetest and clearest. Pic credits – anand om

The Black Robes became the colour of Love in my heart.

There was no looking back. My life (and my family’s life) changed forever that day. I read all His books, most of the blogs, watched most of His videos and waited for almost a year to see Him again. We never missed a single course that happened in Bangalore. Neither did we miss a video or His blog. This was the way my heart worshipped Him and longed to be His. With His Grace, my family and I visited His Vaikunta (our Home – Sri Badrika Ashram) over the years. He healed me, He taught me how to smile. He taught me the language of love. He manifested as ‘Love’ in my life. True to His philosophy, His only language is love.

The Book of Faith and Om Swami: As we know Him are always close to my heart. I can’t get through a page of those Divine books without shedding tears of love and gratitude because no words/scriptures/books can fathom what He has done for us. Uttering His Holy Name ‘Swami’ immediately purifies the fallen souls.

With gratitude in my heart, I’d like to quote Chapter 10, the 41st verse of Bhagavad Gita.

यद्यद्विभूतिमत्सत्त्वं श्रीमदूर्जितमेव वा |

तत्देवावगच्छ त्वं मम तेजोंऽशसम्भवम् ||41||

(yad yad vibhutimat sattvam

srimad urjitam eva va

tat tad evavagaccha tvam

mama tejo-‘msa-sambhavam) 

Translation: Whatever you see as beautiful, glorious, or powerful, know it to spring from but a spark of my splendour.

Source: Bhagavad Gita As it is.

He beholds His entire Creation in His beautiful Lotus Eyes.

His Birthday Celebration

One of the ways I have known to serve Him (as of now) is to serve His beautiful Creation. I have nothing to offer Him (except my negativity and flaws). I am not even worthy enough to serve His Creation. I can try to pay forward (I guess).

My sister, nephew and I have decided to take a vow on each year of His birthday to impact lives around us to the best of our ability.

Celebration of beloved swamiji's birthday 2
My nephew ishaan and i distributing carpets 🙂

This year, we celebrated ‘Swami’s arrival on Earth day’ in a nearby children’s home by donating carpets, fruits, chocolates and cooking essentials.

Celebration of beloved swamiji's birthday 3
Chocolates in swamiji’s name!
Celebration of beloved swamiji's birthday 4
My sis, nephew and i with the children.

So here’s wishing a very ‘Happy Birthday’ to our Beloved Swami from all of us 🙂

My Beloved Lord, You are privy to everything. You know why I even offered this post (and my everything) at Your Lotus Feet. Repeated salutations to You!

Love You, Swami. We belong to You.

We are Yours eternally.