I am writing about the   Challenge like the one we see here on osme for writers or the ones I participate in Instagram for Photographers. A challenge is always designed by experts in that particular field. There is always a destination we call it prize or feature etc. This gives clarity as to why I am participating.


·         It gives a newer perspective to our otherwise mundane routine which is mostly on autopilot. Challenges make us more aware of creative possibilities.



·         It is a win-win situation. By participating we either reach the destination or we enjoy the journey. We gain newer insights and are more equipped with a wealth of experience. The chances of winning are more in the next attempt.


·         Challenges come with a time frame. This makes us sharpen our focus and try to put in maximum effort during this stipulated time. It always works and produces better performance.



Swamiji says if we are consistent and keep taking one step at a time we will not be at the same place from where we started.

I am writing this from my experience of participating in Photography challenges. In 2020 I saw a food photography community on Instagram hosting challenges. Their feed was very inspiring and I saw the works of many international photographers.  Instagram is the best place for inspiration for Food photographers. The challenge was not offering a prize but only a feature on their page or mention. I decided to win this and participated in all the monthly contests for the entire year. I didn’t get a chance to get featured or any mention. I got to see the consistent works of many professionals in this field and I was learning a new technique every month. Be it capturing movement, smoke in frame , composition or colour wheel theory. I also learned to make photo backgrounds with simple DIY at home. Bought some props from the flea market. Now I don’t blame my basic camera or wondering others must be getting the benefit of studio light and other facilities. A feeling of self-sufficiency and confidence settled in a matter of one year. All I did was participate.

 I also made friends with some wonderful Photographers.  Now once again the challenges started this year, I am already winning features and mentions. My feed is looking more good and sort of pro also. I started  getting Dms for collaborations from other communities.  I must also say winning is easier in your field of expertise or your hobby. In osme our hobby of writing can get   us featured , and also paid for  the blogs and participation.   Isn’t it a good idea to participate than sitting back?

Thanks to Meera for triggering this question ‘’Kya jeetna hai ? ‘’ in my mind in her comments on my post yesterday . 

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