I wrote this song in January this year, on my flight to goa… Alone and Incomplete!

I took out my diary, and there’s something about “speed movement” that makes my creative mind come to life!

So there was this more-than-half moon outside my window, incomplete & alone! And these 2 newly wed honeymoon couples, all kissing and talking cheesy.

Mind you, I was going through an emotional havoc in my personal relationship. 

So Music thought, “What’s a better, conducive, contrasting situation than this? Let’s get into this girl’s head again!”

And then started coming all the words, phrases, rhymes, melodies, rhythms… and emotions!

What happened then? Well, I understood that a 2hr flight is enough for Music to take a song-form.


Sharing Chand Adhura song with you all.

A song which tells a sad but hopeful truth about our lives. How we are incomplete, our heart aches and longs, how our loved ones are incomplete as well…. And how the Moon is incomplete in the sky… just like us!

But there’s hope… You know how once in every 28days the moon becomes Full, complete and smiling in the sky? 

Just like we feel fulfilled and complete some days, when our hearts are content and we are smiling 🙂

And how we make efforts & move oceans to bring even the stars and galaxies for the ones we love?

I sang to bring down the moon for my beloved…

Chand bhi Poora la dun tujhe!

Can’t wait to hear how you felt listening to the song! 

Lots of Moon-love 🌙


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