To change oneslef, first thing one should change his/her concesnioues – nothing will change in out lifes with the same perception/ attitude and behaviour… one should put efforts on spiritual practice and growth – only that we can change our physicial circumstances… It is not an easy way, because we used to our ways and our manas is predominant. To be on this path is soul advanture and gratitude.. we live  according to paterns and according our karmas- to broke it  or to understund deeper meaning of change requires some bliss…how can ordinary person can reach that? Step by step – making mistakes, growing, finding true Guru- it is blessing if one can make a change in their own concesnious – than one can see miracle that circusmtances and even people around him/her will change and will aid  to this change… let God help uz to  change oursleves/ start with ourselves and make a world a better place 

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