Wish I had a good study table

That would make my study stable

Proper height
Colour bright
Shiny light.

I like it..😊

O no! 🤨

Brown is so dull
Drawers are  small
And size not big at all

How will this table
Make my study stable🤔

Maa, paa, get me a new one
And watch what I  become 


New one is white
So big and bright
This makes me smile
Now I run fast each mile

Sorry…. 🤥🤥

White gets many stains

 I need to clean it again and again

This black out my brain

How can I study unrestrained?


The problem is not in table
See my room, its like a stable

How can one study here

With this unstable chair

On line classes you see

Do you know their a.. b… c…!!

You are old class papa

I need everything new and gaga…

Its not your time or age

We are millenial  not vintage 
Just give me a  comfortable atmosphere
And watch me rise and rise
Up there



Our generation faced struggles

Today’s generation is facing distractions

The whole game has changed

Old tactics , old advice, old methodology and old ways are unable to guide them in any way.  Wish every parent update their skills and ways to handle kids. 😊