Flowers are of different colours.


Spirituality has many colours.

                🪷 🪷 🪷 🪷 🪷

                       A  N  D

Colours too are of different colours.



So, is the wardrobe of a seeker.😊



Some 35 years back , the most adorable colour for this heart was light brown. No shopkeeper could easily sell me any other colour. Heart, through eyes, would stop at the one and only…very light brown (mostly).

Then came in off-white. Open the wardrobe and see a very soothing off-white smiling, be it summer or winter, office or home, social functions or spiritual gatherings   (mostly). Then the white started to shine more along with the glittery combination of golden yellow. Wow! what a pairing 🥰.  The occasional comments that all my clothing looked same never perturbed me. 

Now, friends, with the ever flowing Grace of God, its time for a CHANGE, yet again.



When this heart somehow found an entry into Maa’s periphery, it  started showing up its new colours, yet again.

To this ignorant mind, the wisdom of seniors who are ahead of me on the path is now making sense. Earlier this mind was stubborn and hard to relent. It never gave any thought to the religious and karm-kaandik advice frequently given.  All such suggestions were put aside or applied half-heartedly. The mind would always ask for “logic” behind all Sanatan Dharma rituals.

With the grace of Swamiji and His teachings, its no more the case now. Along with other many many many subtle shifts, here in comes a surprised new and very natural, pure liking towards…….  towards the auspiciousness.

A transition from a seeker’s Brown – with an unknown  unseen cloak of ignorance on mind, 


a peaceful White – yet thirsty, more seeking and ready to absorb. The flaws which earlier cloaked with brown, now started to show up in the clean and clear White background.

A few more years on to the path, and a new, fresh, fragrant rainbow is now emerging.

A radiant, bright, powerful, considered auspicious in Sanatan Dharma – Red ….  is starting to emerge. Its strong attraction makes browns and whites go down for a while. Its pull is hard to ignore, for this heart.

An otherwise dull heart is now ready to merge into the ever joyful, ever vibrant , and ever ever auspicious RED.

And the wardrobe would surely feel happy to get its share of joy as well. 🥰🥰

A heart’s ever changing, ever growing colourful journey indeed.

And, yes…..What’s Next!!!!!!!

Any guesses🥰🥰🥰


      🌹🌹🌹JAI  SHRI  HARI 🌹🌹🌹