Thy divine energy,
Residing inside,
Why worry,
Why fear,
Of the fear of failure,
As you might exhaust,
And die,
But the energy pervades,
Every by and by.

The divine energy,
Dormant within,
Let us channelize,
As its miracle amazing,
Let’s release and harmonize,
In singing, In dancing,
In loving,
In learning,
In giving,
In meditation,
In creation.

Don’t worry about its depletion,
For that’s beyond,
Your comprehension,
Some use to harness mediation,
And for the growth of thy liberation,
And some don’t channelize,
Although the energy can’t be hold,
And founds outlet in thy animal nature,
The divine energy resigning within,
Use thy will to consume and create,
Or else get consumed by the volcano within.


I’ve said a few times that to experience fulfillment our energy must be invested in some creative pursuit, that you move a step closer to your life’s purpose when you undertake something bigger than yourself. I have also spoken on multiple occasions saying that if you consciously choose to work below your potential, you will feel frustrated and unfulfilled. The question remains: how to find your life’s purpose? The answer is rather simple, here:

Care about something.

“A person’s life can be meaningful only if she cares fairly deeply about some things, only if she is gripped, excited, interested, engaged.”

~ Om Swami, Give a Damn about Something


Image Credits: Guru Vectors by Vecteezy