Ram Ram Ji is said to be the most common chant which common people around Indian Subcontinent Chant. It is also the most common way of greeting people around. Ancient Scriptures of Hindu mythology gives an important aspect to chanting as it is said that it will eventually help the person chanting realize god. Right from chanting beads of 27, 54 or 108 in numbers to different types of material and with a different color of thread used to bead them give you specific results. But the question still arises that can chant a name for a specific time period and number help an individual grow spiritually or was it again an intelligent trick played by our ancestors to make us Meditate.

While studying the process of Chanting there are several attached factors to it which are important and specific to be followed like daily rituals, pranayama and above all perfect posture. Now the question arises that if chanting would have given results why were these additional factors attached to these. Decoding the factors, daily routine to be followed will make the aspirant wake up early and fresh up, bathe, put on fresh clothes, (resulting in the working of the body clock in an effective and efficient way)

Pranayama and hand locks, giving inappropriate amount of oxygen required by the body to give perfect start to the day as oxygen levels are usually high at the so-called Bhram mahurat and Specific Pranayama will actually reduce the blood pressure, Increase Oxygen Leve, make a person calm, relaxed and his mind though less eventually leading to a calm mind. Chanting with Spine Straight (Perfect posture) now the catch is when you have your spine straight you are fully attentive and aware and getting into sleep with spine erect is a tough job. Pranayama’s giving a stable mind, clear thought, Chant not letting any other thought bother you, one-point concentration and perfect meditation and clear thought process actually give the individual to analyze the problem and find the right answer for it.

Named Divine blessing, yes for sure as to when we are in perfect harmony with nature and within we get the answers from deep inside us which is proved by a simple quote that it is impossible to see the depth of the water if the waves are but when the water is stable it is clear to see in. Thus, a clear mind is what we need to find the deep seeded truth inside us to be at peace with our self and the nature and also to find the real truth of our life. So, our ancestor played it very smart and goaded us to meditate in the name of Chanting. JUST A FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

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