This poem is about the days when we feel extremely chaotic and everything fails to pacify our mind.

There will be days when poetry
won’t solace you
Stars won’t comfort you
Rains won’t rejuvenate you
And the sky won’t fathom you

There will be days when you will be
crippled by your own attachments,
besieged by your own desires,
the contours of the universe will
look pale in this grey attire

On such days – don’t lose hope,
don’t feel guilty, don’t lose
your calm and don’t be chaotic
It’s just another day, another wave
that will settle down just like others
to become calm one fine day

Let the waves flow through you naturally
Observe them closely, and don’t obstruct
their course
Be compassionate enough not to loathe
yourself for losing your calm
And you will notice a surge of a million
waves urging to return their home

These waves will keep on rising and falling
But remember – they will never stop belonging
to the ocean

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