Shiv Jayanti , the birth anniversary of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj , is celebrated with traditional fervour today . On this auspicious occasion i just felt to recollect some memories of him and many of us might be aware about the famous stories of him.

But, Here i have articulated one small story which many of us might not be aware about .

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was going through a spate of defeats when he visited a commoner’s house in disguise, he stopped by at an old lady’s hut in a village near the battle field asking for food.
While she cooked a hearty meal, she did not recognize that this was her king. Lovingly, she served a plate full of steaming hot khichdi to her fatigued soldier.
Hungrily, Raje put his finger in the middle of the plate to get a mouthful. Oh! And he burnt his finger! The old lady carefully watched this action and advised

“Oh brave soldier, You are just like your king. You start from the inside first. Just like he attacks kingdoms starting from the forts instead of the periphery, you are eating this hot khichdi inside-first.
Why don’t you try to eat the corners first and then attack the center, instead of starting at the hot center?”

Shivaji Maharaj, at once realized why he was failing.
In all his future battles, he always annexed peripheral territory before attacking a fort. This old lady taught him a very important strategy lesson and he remembered it for all his life.

Some of these important events in the life of great men occur repeatedly and manifest themselves again and again, mainly for us to understand and learn from them.

My humble obeisance to this brave warrior on his birth anniversery.