Hai Sharmaaooo Kis Kis Ko Btaaoo Kaise Kaise Mei Chhupaaoo Apni Prem Kahaniya So as i the Sunjay dutt hair cut and Anil kapoor s jhakaas style and Silverstone stallin physique was brimming with romantic waves the nerdy and geek and zero ampere circuit hearted Cheeku in life, whom when i said on terrace on 3rd march 1993 at 3.3pm that we can not be together any more, he like a blank most uneffected fused bulb was ok about it. NOW was time to be with some one Daring…Bold , stylish and bindaas! What happens when Baadal and Bijlee meet was my thought….Dhamaaka… This love story was a stunner! Lets adress mr Cat drrawer as Chikna Chopra…chikna because he was soft in looks as white butter and Chopra..that was his family name…….
Chikna chopra used to come to school in his Yamaha black colour bike with high zipped boots and school uniform coloured tapered 5 plete trousers! He had bleached the front flick of his hair like Aditya pancholi and there was a rope like gold chain both in his wrist and neck…oh what a charmer. Each day he was punished for either bunking the classes or improper uniform or making cartoons while teacher was teaching….these rebellious and cool tricks made him hero of my eyes! So one punishment period when i too was asked to sit in ground for combing my hair during art class..i found it a good opportunity for the lightening ,thunder and cloud outbursts…i went to C.C ( chikna chopra) and said i realy love your looks ,your style and your mannerisms…would you like to spend some golden precious hours with me? This was the most decent way i knew to propose ..back then the most common phrases to propose were…I WANT TO BE FRIENDS with you! Since Chickna chopra liked Shattering sharma s bindaas and mast tom boyish boldness he immideately said …i dont mind …lets meet at the Crazy craze juice shop in the evening! U get some of your freind there and i ll get mine.
So i collected the 200 rs which i got as diwali gift from my bua and convinced a co riksha traveller freind Priya to accompany me to meet C.c. at c.c ( chickna chopra at crazy craze) .My parents were happy knowing i have become health concious going for evening walk and having Anaar juice. So i picked on the way a big dairy milk fruit and nut choclate ,2 roses packed in celophene paper and and an after shave lotion of Old spice..
After all this was my first romantic date of my style…from C.c at c.c i got a pair of danglers ,a casset of bryan adam….everything i do i do it for you and some date choclates C.C s dubai based Masssad jee had bought. This was the most dreamy affair..every day going to school was so exciting in attraction of seeing C.c…eveyday walk and juice at c.c made me glow and blush like a juicy Tomatoe cheeked! And the new romantic hand holding ,finding bushes to hide for a quick peck and the beutiful archies gifts were so fulfilling. We even watched the Movie Roop ki raani choro kaa raja with a cosy bike ride to be followed by cold cofee and cheese tomatoe grilled sandwhich at United cofee house! 6 months passed in those beautiful ,rosy ,romantic ,sleepless nights. On one evening of our having eyes in eyes and fingers locked in each others fingers at Crazy craze juice shop a police inspector came on his bullet and held Chickna chopra by his collar asking where is his flourerdcent helmet purchased from ? Suddenly his face turned crimson and he started sweating profusely…stutering to explain it got exchanged! The police cop did not buy his point and asked him to come along with him to police station. He told me….u seem to be from a decent family go back to your house,this C.c is with a helmet stealing gang of rowdy boys and pushed him towards his bike.

I stood there with my jaw open and eyes un blinking……was my beloved a thief ,a gangster or a goon? But his father was a Government gazzeted officer and his mom was a central school teacher…before my feet could walk me to our house dejected and wondering the owner s son of Crazy craze juice shop came and said , ” mei aapko kab se kuchh kehna chahta thaa par aap kabhi akele aaee hee nahi! ” FOR how this juicy boy turned out …keep tuned inn!