Who is Vidit Gujrathi?

He is world no 24 and No-2 player in India after Vishwanathan Anand. Please watch his interview with Om Swami

Where is he promoting Black Lotus App?

The Online Olympiad is a national teams event in which all federations affiliated to FIDE have the right to participate.

Being one of Indiaโ€™s top players Vidit is playing in the tournament and has won many points for India. If you see the below image, you will be able to Vidit and in back ground Black Lotus app. All over the world people are watching this streaming. It is a big stage. He is promoting the app. I was seeing comments about what is the app he is promoting.

Cheer for vidit gujarathi and india 1

Where and how to cheer for Vidit and India?

India has stormed in finals of this tournament. Please watch the tournament in below link and cheer for Vidit and India.


Edit – The match happened on 30th August India and Russia were announced joint winners.


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