This is a story about the time I learnt how to fly (I am not kidding). I know how to fly. You fly with your wings, tearing through the air, like a bird in the sky. 

My idea of flying is driving a car. I read a story of a lady who learnt driving and in emergency, she used this and saved herself in the moment. I got so inspired by her. That lady became my inspiration and I decided to learn to drive.

I have wanted to learn to drive but it always seems like a big and difficult task. Moreover my father and my brother didn’t have the time and patience to teach me. So I skipped it for a very long time.

Then Corona and lockdown entered into our lives. The cases were increasing, people were dying, so many negative things were happening. At that time I need something to distract my mind. One day, I was sitting and chit-chatting with my mother and my aunt. I saw a story (status on WhatsApp) of my classmate about her driving a car. I started dreaming of myself driving a car. It was the perfect time to learn as I have plenty of free time.

So I was telling my mother and my aunt about driving and my aunt excitedly told me, “Your uncle will teach you, he is a good driver and teacher.” ( he taught my aunt, their children driving). Then my aunt talk to my uncle and he agreed to teach me. He came to me and said, “Why do we wait for tomorrow, we should start from today. “He started the car, firstly he showed me how to drive, I had to watch and observe. Then he told me about the clutch, brakes, accelerator, gears, steering, seatbelts and all. It’s my turn to start the car and start driving.

The first time I handled the steering, accelerator, and breaks, I felt nervous. You need so much attentiveness and patience while driving. I took a long breath, collected some courage and started driving. He taught me slowly and steadily. I had made so many mistakes but I didn’t give up. It takes a lot of courage to drive. 

After 15 days, I managed to drive under guidance. I told my mother and auntie, to sit with me and we went for a drive. They praised me and my uncle. I felt like I am on the ninth cloud, flying. My mother told every relative that I learnt to drive. I felt so proud and satisfied. The thing I have been just sitting and dreaming of finally come true.

Now whenever we go on any family trip, my father tells me to drive. I feel like I have accomplished something, although it is not a big deal. I feel like I learn to fly. I think we all should learn to drive. I thank that lady from whom I got inspired, then my classmate whose story made me fulfil my dream and my uncle who could make this all possible and was able to bear with me the whole time.

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