I would like to share some of the Poems written by SONIA OM.  She had started to write in her early twenties, when she felt that words just arranged themselves and poured out effortlessly as if the universe needed something to be penned. I am trying to get hold of the Diary, so that I can share some of the beautiful ones with you lovely souls. Also as a  way to honour her journey, she had at one point expressed her wish to get her poems published. 🙂

This was written when Sonia was in her twenties and she came and met me as a baby for the first time 🙂

CherieCherie 1

So beautiful a being is she,
To inspire love in me,
And may she always be
endowed with this quality,
and may she go through life
Instilling life in life,
Living, Loving, Inspiring.

Until that dawn do break,
Upon her eternal soul,
And enfolding her in embrace,
Carry her home,
To all the beauties it may hold.

-Sonia Om

Amen I say, may all your blessings for the baby you saw, come alive!

Jai Shri Hari!

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