I felt Your mind
I was blown away.
Your mind a peerless reflection
of the world I saw.
No walls no windows
not even a door.
Just empty space
from end to end.
It was the same river
reflecting the sky
the same mountains that had always been there
the tree line ran just as jaggedly
the earth as contented lay indifferent
and yet, they were different.
So still. So silent.
Serene as if in a timeless painting…
It’s as if the world’s chaos
had lost its way
in the quiet woods of the Supreme mind.
Neither wind existed
nor any sound
in this soundless place
was the most soulful music emanating from You.
This was Your mind
a whole Universe in its right.
The elusive Chidakasha
Is what I saw
existence had no existence in here.
A pristine consciousness
devoid of people and entanglements.
I saw You
the majesty of Your mind
It had no parallel in the world I knew.
Oh what I felt
I do not know
a silent spectator
I knew awe
a great detachment
a deep surrender
a new devotion
It may sound like the lyrics
of a new age song
but tell me where would I find
a Master like You.