Harassment is a form of violence where the inflictor deliberately exploits the victim mentally, physically, sexually or emotionally which can wound and scar the victim and have lasting impact on his psyche and life. Harassment is one of the ills that is prevalent in our society today. In India, a lot of cases are reported on a daily basis. However, most of them go unreported, especially the cases of sexual violence to women and children.

I have suffered physical and sexual abuse as a child and browsing through google I have found that around half of the Indian kids, be it a boy or a girl have had at least one such encounter of harassment or exploitation in their life. With such statistics of the Current India, many things come into forefront.

First of all, the sick-mentality of the victimizers is clearly showcased. What leads them to do such crimes and what can be done to prevent this are some of The Questions that Arise Naturally.

Lack of holistic education in these matters to the children- The Good Touch and the Bad Touch, etc., Lack of awareness in these regards in certain sections of society, lack of awareness in parents and their predisposition to entrust their child to anybody too soon, slow legal proceedings of such cases and lack of fear of punishment or easy punishments to criminals also get highlighted. Some people in society naturally seem to have convoluted mindsets and thus streets and places are still not as safe as we want for children and women in India.

However, I want to Contemplate on what I or any individual can do to prevent this abuse to children. For sure, there are some definitive active measures needed to be taken so that Our Children of Today and Future of Tomorrow feels safe.

I learnt from my own experience that no parent should bestow his faith and his child in the guardiancy of any person. If need be, then that someone should be one of those few persons they have maximum trust on and whose character and intent is well understood by them.

Secondly, we need to be aware of children psychology and moods and the symptoms that incur in them if they have had already gone through or are going through such abuse. They may keep quiet, feel sad, cry or try to talk to you among other things. It needs understanding on the part of adults to understand that something can be wrong. Immediate counselling or reaching out to a doctor/counsellor also becomes urgent so that healing can be immediate.

Educating and being frank to young children about the good and bad touch is also very important. They should know that someone has come with a wrong intention and is touching them wrongly and that they should immediately report it to parents or seek help.

To stop this, I on a personal measure, discuss about this to others especially people younger to me so that they know and feel safe to come out and talk about it if they have had any such experiences and do not feel burdened due to it and become aware for future.

Online surf and social media and Posts like this also helps spread the awareness to stop this crime.

We should come out and actively counsel or immediately seek help for someone who has gone through such things and has thereby become distraught, shocked or confused. It should come as a naturally duty. There should not be shame or hesitation in talking about such issues on both the part of victim and the person counselling.

And first and foremost, we can stop this from happening to children in our friends and families by teaching them about it. Awareness, vigilance and spreading awareness thus remain important.

Children also have to be taught right from young age to be mentally strong. Formal education alone cannot educate our children on how to live and take life. We as adults have to teach that to our children. They also have to be made into Good human beings so that they neither do this to anyone nor let that happen to anyone. Decency, dignity, good manners and sensitivity to life around are some pointers of  good education.

Good grades show a person is good at their subjects, good deeds show they are good students of life.

Jai Sri Hari!!


P.s.- I welcome any related ideas and remarks


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