Don’t do this you are not old enough to do this….., You are now this much old and you are doing things like this….”


I think this is the most common line of a middle class family. Children are often treated as their property. Parents only expect from their child from the childhood and not meeting the expections can cause disaster to both the parents and to the child. 

According to me there are some ways which must be implemented in all the families which could be beneficial for the parents, for the child and also for the country.

1. Before having a child both the parents must do regular meditation. And also after it. 

2. Try as much as possible not to have too much expectation from child. 

3. Love the child unconditionally . 

4. Give responsibility to the child and donot scold wheather he / she not manages it well. 

5. Try to motivate the child and figure out the right way of doing that thing. 

6. Always show all the consequences to a problem or situation and suggest your views to the child instead of saying that you have to do like this. 

7. Donot compare your child with other child because it can inculcate the seeds of anger, jealousy, hatred, ego , inferiority. 

8. Be a good facilitator not the owner of the child. 

9. Teach meditation in the beginning of childhood. 

 I think these 9 steps are not the only steps but 80% of the problem related to the child can be solved with these steps. And rest 20 % can be solved by implementing these steps with mindfulness.


Thankyou for reading it.

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