My love to my one and only, for who is post is dedicated to.

He isĀ  My one and only everything. A Living reality for me! cannot imagine myself without him.
Cannot even spend a day without talking to him. (Ab tak pareshan hogye honge meri baato se) šŸ˜›

I have seen many people who are great devotees, far greater than I am. (I am his stupid and ignorant child ) But most of such people always seem to pull out a question mark on him when things get a little tough.

“Why is this happening to me, God?”

“I am praying to you as for long as I can remember, then why me?”

And then faith takes a back seat and you start to wonder, and you start doubting him. It’s ok ! You aren’t at fault.

Suppose a one year old goes to a beach with his parents, he doesn’t know anything about god. For him, his parents are his protectors.
Everything looks good. Sun is shinning bright in the sky, water is sparkling clear and people are enjoying.
But suddenly the weather starts to get rough and a storm takes over. Within a few minutes everything gets blurry, people start running for a shelter to save themselves before it getsĀ  worse.
Now back to our kid, he can’t see or think straight anymore, he has no understanding of what’s happening but he realizes that it’s not good. He is scared and starts crying, right then His mother takes him up in her arms and he clinges on to her.

Remember that a child doesn’t blame his mother for the storm, but keeps full faith that she’ll do everything in her power to protect him !
Similaly, God has nothing to do with the storms in your life. (Talk for another time)

This, is Childlike Faith, trust god like you trust your parents.
To the people reading this, all I want to say is,
Trust me, he has always got your back! You may only see one pair of foot prints and think that you are all alone but you may not realize that those are his footprints and he is carrying you in his arms.

” Mushkile to bohot aaengi
Bas himmat sath Rahe,
Aur himmat bhi sath chod de,
To thamne to tera hath rahe”

–your little girl. Now and Forever!