Yesterday I attended CARA program with my sister . CARA is a Central Adoption Resource Authority for adoption of child all over India . This is a central process in india for child adoption . As my sister has registered on this site we had got invitation for this .

Some days back almost six months back , my sister decided to adopt a child . We discussed on this and my family decided to adopt one child . Previously adoption process was not centralised . If you go any child care institution , you were able to see child and do celection of child . But as all process has become centralised now this option is not available . We have register on CARA site , select near Child care Institution , Submit all required documents ( Identity proof , Medical certificate , Self and Home photographs , Residence proof , Income proof , Police clear amche report , Undertaking affidevit , Reference letters , Child care plan etc. ) After submitting and verify all documents , child care Institution people visit to home for Home Study . HSR Home Study Report will be uploaded on CARA site by them and then some days later CARA will send Child Reference email with all details of child . With in perticulal interval of time respective parents has to take decision about child selection . Noraml , Special and immediate placement options are available on CARA for selection of child . This process is very lengthy but CARA has their rules and regulation .

It was program arranged by CARA first time in Maharashtra – Pune . The main director of this institution said in his speech For child adoption process Maharashtra is very much ahead . He explained adoption process in detail . A Pediatrician said in his speech , when child first comes in hospital , they won’t be in good condition . Normally they come with very less weight and physically unfit . A child care sanstha take care of these children very well upto their 18th age years . After that one has to go out and take own responsibility . It’s very hard for girls . Either institute will see to get them married or girl has to set her future by her own . We heard the experiences of already child adopted parents . They shared their feelings , their experience how they feel after adopting child . We also saw some adopted child who are now well settled , doing job , helping their parents . They know their responsibility towards society . One mother said – one day my child came to me and asked , mamma I have not came from you ? क्या मैं तुम्हारे पेट से नहिं आया ? She said नहिं बेटा , तुम मेरे पेट से नहि आया , तुम मेरे दिल से आया है । You have came from my heart ❤️ That adopted child was also with her . He is doing job now and he said I have too decided to adopt one child in future .

One girl who is 26 years old now said , “I was in third , when I got know I am adopted ” On her birthday , she saw wishing birthday card had came from her adoption institute ( sofosh ) on which different name was written . She asked to her mother , who is this ? Her mother told this is for you . It’s your previous name . With love her mother explained her everything . She also took her in sofosh from where she had came . Recently she met her biological mother . They had great time and discussion . She don’t have any questions in her mind now . Her life puzzle is solved . She says even I met to my biological mother , my mother with whom I am living will be my love forever ❤️

One lady shared her experience . She was in college when she had decided to adopt a child . After marriage that couple adopted one child from special category, a child who had physical issue . She and her husband got tratement for that child and now that boy is perfectly allright and working in police departed .

Those were very inspiring experiences .

CARA also taken question and answer session last . Many people raised their issues . CARA is a central while SARA is a state adoption resource authority .The HAMA is adoption in India takes place under Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance . CARA is doing many changes on their site
According to people suggesion they are improving work . We are in queue of this child adoption process . I think there is long way to go . That will be greatest day for us when my family will be successfully completed all process and we see one angle will be playing in our home .

Today is 14th November Children’s Day is celebrated across India to increase awareness of the rights , care and education of children . Let us think about these children who really need support of love , respect , family . If it’s possible for us we can give better future to these children .

Happy Children’s Day ❤️