• They ate my choclate! They dint even tell and ate My choclate..complained my 13 year old son calling me on a vedio watts app call!

I was overseas for my daughter s admission for 2 weeks and my son’s b.day fell in between,so like a dutiful mom i had hidden his goodie hamper and made it a treasure hunt at mid night of his b.day.

Ofcourse Forerro Rochers the delicious, mouth melting and beyond general budget choclate was part of the hamper.

My kids and me are usual choclate eaters but we stick to the Dairy milk pocket freindly ,age old aswell delicious.

Getting a Forerro Rochers on Diwali or when some foreign returned relative comes is an occasional affair in our house so ofcourse it’s a rare commodity and eaten with similar reverence.

Since i have asked my house staff who cook,do utensils or take care of old parents to eat anything and everything available in the house without even informing me they were suspects too.I want them to feel like a family so never lock my groceries.

Now the million dollar question..my son said there were 2 layers of 9 choclates in rows of 3*3 and my son said he ate 1 choclate a day to keep them lasting for 18 days ,on the fourth day he found 2 choclates missing and his being a lawyer’s grandson and son detective mind saw the golden wrappers in the dust bin.

He cried to my mom who said she had seen his Paternal grandfather doing some suspected activities in kitchen quietly.

My son complained to me that grandpa when asked played innocent in front of Daadi who scolds him for not controling sweet cravings and now the suspect were staff.

I promised my uneasy son not to worry and have an open big heart to share his things, which he agreed ( i forced him to agree) with a heavy heart.

Now my question to os.me members is would you share your exclusive choclates, biscuits ,cheese ,butter and goodies with your staff? Will you ask them to tell you before they eat what your kids eat or would you confront them for what goodies they ate without anyone s information?