Hello fellow seekers! I hope all of our plans to celebrate Christmas are ready…

Well, I’m really excited for tomorrow.. the weather is cool and pleasant in the place I stay and our college semester exams have just ended 🙂

So, tomorrow I’m gonna have the traditional Christmas fruit cake with a cup of tea and snacks with my family.. and spend my day doing some creative work and reading..

And of course Christmas carols are a must to cherish this beautiful day.

I feel it is very important to celebrate all festivals in the best way possible as it fills one with positive energy to last for the next few months.

I recently watched a beautiful film, ‘The Life of Jesus’, a movie based on the account of the Gospel of John..its available for free on Youtube!

It is the day when Christ was born and guided millions of people who follow the religion of Christianity today.. 

As Swamiji has suggested that everyone should read books of all religions without any hesitation, so even I plan to read and learn from the Bible someday..

So guys, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year…


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