Dear students, where are you

The class is all empty

No paper planes in the air

No chocolate wrappers on the floor

Screaming  you enter the class

for the seat near the window glass

But some of you are always late

and a new excuse, you will make.

At times you were baffled

Formulas, symbols, figures….so much to remember

But nevertheless, you study hard

making me happy and parents proud.

My birthday you know very well

Though your friend’s, you might sometimes forget

Balloons, flowers, cakes…. you get it all

making the classroom a party hall

And the card that opens with a ting-tang

vanished the last coin from your piggy bank.

Days are not the same as before

Blackboard duster not meeting anymore

At the door, I keep on staring

The silence today is so deafening.

When will you be back again?

to make everything noisy once again

on my questions, to raise your hand.

let me again, put stars in your book

followed by well done and very good

It has been a very long time…

on laptop, teaching is just not fine.

Let us all pray to God

that he cares and saves us all

to give you back those lovely days

like a real child, back to play.

It is afternoon time and I am writing this poem. It is the same time when a chirping flock of children come to my place, accompanying their maths and science queries. But due to the Covid crisis, the classes came to a sudden halt, since then, I am desperately missing my lovely adorable bunch of students.



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