Blog-Cleanliness inside and outside
The Bhagwat Gita  in chapter 13 talks about cleanliness  as on of the values to be cultivated  if the person wants to evolve , it refers to both inside and out side . The internal cleanliness  means ensuring  that our perception ,opinion , and decision are not outcome of our distorted view of things  but based on realities .
Outside  external cleanliness  is more tangible  and is reflected  by the extent to which we keep our surroundings – room, home , neighborhood  and our nation – clean
“Also we should keep our heart clean “. There are dents/stains -anger jealous, poking , enmity and wasteful thoughts on our body,mind and soul which are needed to be cleaned by our stable mind by generating good thoughts , by respecting ourselves , if we respect ourselves then we can respect others and form the good relationship .The relationship is the energy by which we communicate with each other.

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