A Day born with beautiful sunshine with lots of fragrance and tender warmth

A hope after the long night has arrived

Flowers sense the motivation to grow and birds started chirping in full blown

A stage was set for great day to unfold.

Everywhere there was a sense of happiness, excitement and lots of life

But as the day progressed, the sky filled with muddied cloud enveloped even the brightest one

Suddenly life seems to stop, faces turned pale and happiness went remote

Plants starts their struggle to survive so everyone around.

It was those moment of life when questions were asked and answers were probed

Survival instinct was grown to core

Life learned the way to fight against the time and powered with self inhaling energy to grow

Meanwhile cloud made the way for sunshine and beneath a calm set to smile

But WOW! life seems to be happiest ever and brightest one with discovering the energy within and everlasting support outside

It realized the real self which has power to withstand any clouded afternoon again!!

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