PART 1 –
“We have been desperately looking for a transitory 4-bedroom rental property for many months now in midst of the Covid-19 situation, trying to accommodate our growing family (Myself, Wife, Baby Mairaa, & Mother-In-Law) while our little mansion ‘Vaikund’ dedicated to Sri Hari & Mairaa is being built.

After being exhausted of juggling work, night duty with baby, constant rental inspections etc, last Monday night in desperation, I closed by eyes remembering “Om Swamiji” and mentally spoke to him saying, “Prabhu I have never asked you anything nor ever will. All I need in my & my family’s life is your grace & smile. I leave this situation all in your hands. You know best.” & went to sleep.

(P.S – Actually the above were the exact words I wrote in Swamiji’s Question “What are your expectations in being initiated by Me?! – My Answer was “Nothing!! Just your grace & smile in our lives!).

And the very next morning our rental application for a beautiful property in Lightsview suburb, opposite a lush park (walking for Mum) & near Mairaa’s childcare got approved & we were allowed to move in, this weekend.

I was in tears of gratitude mentally & did not share it with anyone as they might think otherwise.

PART 2 –
As the moving so sudden, I had to quickly organise everything from removalist, lease, connections etc etc. (All those who have moved in Australia know the pain!).

So finally last night Monday we shifted the big stuff going to and fro from the old and new property numerous times as well as collecting large items from stores etc.

And in the midst of all the chaos, exhaustion & organisation, I left the garage ‘remote control’ inside the garage & locked it manually while paying handsomely ($850) the removalist who laboured for almost 9 hours in helping us move & set up the new house!

Expenses were mounting up & loosing the remote control, meant unnecessary call out fees of up to $250-350, added organisation headache & above all the inconvenience of all essential items especially baby stuff needed for the night locked inside for a while.

The only access to it was via the remote controlled front door OR manual keys used to open the garage from the wall, which I have only used ONCE in last 10 years.

I had no idea where those keys were & we had packed everything up. Just the thought of unpacking it all to find that key was a nightmare!!!😱

Hence late evening, as usual, I went to feed our left over food & Prasad to the birds that come into our backyard. While I was doing that, I simply closed by eyes & mentally spoke to Om Swamiji again saying “Prabhu, you only know where those keys are. I have no idea, and when I reach our new home, You only deal with wifey’s taana’s “YOU SHOULD HAVE bla bla bla”, I said amusingly.

After I finish feeding the birds, I walked into the laundry area & for some reason had a hunch to remove the aged stuck pillow cushioning kept at the laundry window to prevent air coming in from its crux.

GUESS WHAT??! – There was a bunch of keys in the corner.

Using all of the keys, finally the last one eventually opened up the Garage door manually & we found the ‘Remote Control’ left on the glass table staring at us saying “Peek-a-boo!! You Found Me… hehe!!!”.

You’ll can imagine by relief!!!

I couldn’t resist but share this with our Black Lotus Australian Family, especially after the 2nd incident last night.

The above 2 incidence may be a co-incidence by large, But for me, they are nothing less than a miracle & assurance that Om Swamiji’s grace & blessings is always over us, protecting and preserving us in His grace.

Jai Sri Hari!!!

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