“I have prepared these tasty ladoos with my little hands. They are so white like snow balls. Aha! Yummy yummy! I mixed coconut powder, condensed milk and grind cardamom. I made round balls, round, round very round. And roll them in coconut powder which I have kept aside for garnishing. I ate ladoos. Mumma ate ladoos. Papa ate ladoos. Nanu ate ladoos. Nani ate ladoos. And the whole India ate ladoos.”

This was a short video that my six year old niece sent to me to show her new adventure in the kitchen during lockdown.

After seeing that video I recalled that on various occasions I made these coconut ladoos as they could be cooked easily and in very less time. To give a twist to this recipe I tried to hide some dry fruits like raisins, black raisins, almond or cashews. And then asked who ever picked the ladoo for munching to guess what was inside it. It was funny. Some would wait patiently and keep trying till they guessed it right, some would eat the ladoo after two or three wrong guesses and others would not wait and gulp it down to know what was the surprise. As soon as their taste buds would tell the correct answer they would shout to tell everyone.

It can be so much fun we can have with other family members and friends with just a simple recipe but with a surprising twist! 🙂

Any more ideas for surprises are welcomed from os.me family. 🙂

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