Why do people like the posts or articles of others? Is it author’s narration style that they like , but then not every creation by same author garners the same amount of success.Then it must be content, but that too varies with person to person.As not every book on particular subject  is liked by all.So it seems it is the degree of relevance matching the people’s mindset which generates the interest.Greater the number of people  find the article relevant, higher the popularity of the article? Isn’t it? Don’t worry I am not that much intellectual just trying to impress you so that you read the entire post.

In Valmiki Ramayan there is one incidence which is very noteworthy, after making friendship with exile Vanar leader Sugriva and reinstating him as the King,Shri Ram asked Sugriva to start the quest of Devi Sita only after the rainy season gets over.On one of the those rainy days he was sitting inside the cave along with Shri Lakshman, describing how the Jungle is filled with divine beauty of nature even in this season by giving all the picturesque  details of entire ecosystem.In very next paragraph he accepts the pain of absence of Maa Sita, but no cursing of the fate or the situation, but accepts as it is.That is Purushottam Ram. Now you will understand why Jagadamba recites his name just to please her husband to get a meal together.Take a look at this

यत्पार्वती स्वपतिना सह भोक्तुकामा प्रीत्या सहस्रहरिनामसमं जजाप 

To test how much calmness you have attained over many years of Sadhna, hit the Indian road at its pick traffic on a bike that too in North Indian summer  afternoon.You will be surprised with your skills of cribbing, vast dictionary of swearing  and all this happening effortlessly and spontaneously.Try this lab test once.By this way I got my Phd in Indian Gali.

In the court of King Janak,kings of every corner of the world are sitting and eyeing on that bow and Devi Sita,but after the great humiliation faced by every king after failing to move the bow a inch, there is upheaval and chaos in the court, King Janak taunts that earth is void of real “Shoorveera”,but in the same court there is one heart deeper than any ocean ,one mind calmer than any mountain, waiting for the command of his guru Vishwamitra to get up  and get Janak out of his misery by taking bow down.That is Purushottam Ram

To test how much patience you have stored after so many years of practice ,learn a skill or knowledge which is really really complicated to be a master of it  and then someone who  doesn’t  know the iota of it,giving you lesson on how to learn it.You will be proud of yourself on how sarcastic and witty you are in mocking the people.I wish I could learn something like that skills, but Google and WhatsApp certified Gyanis are not letting me to do so. 

Bhakta Shiromani Shri Hanuman has returned back with news of Mata Sita, Prabhu Ram has ordered to march the trillion strong army, after 5 days of travel ,they camped at the shore.Ravan the idol of Adharma got the news and after some twists has kicked out his brother from kingdom. Vibhishna is at the door, Vanar and Rriksha army has no clue how to deal him ,except Hanuman ji no one knew him, even Anjaneya met him only for a muhurat long period.All the Army Generals advising to capture Vibhishna but see what Prabhu says

सरनागत कहुँ जे तजहिं निज अनहित अनुमानि।ते नर पावँर पापमय तिन्हहि बिलोकत हानि.That is Purushottam Ram

Want to know how much do you trust others, just lend money to noble gentleman who has reputation of defaulter.You don’t know why he has defaulted in the past, only information available is he is consistent defaulter.He is at your door, your another friend says don’t offer him any money.Think…………………………..Can’t more………….May be Napoleon Hill has the answer…..Think and Grow Rich…..BTW I was the defaulter…..

With all these questions and analogies what point I am trying to make? Did you get it? Good if you didn’t get it and bad if you get it and still in this world,”this world” means Moh Maya.Nah I am not saying be a sanyasi.It is easy to sit and meditate in 21 degrees, easier to converse and convince with people who subscribe same channel and easiest to say “you are not yet mature”.

Let’s not measure ourself in crisis or emergency but evaluate ourself in the smallest job.The one who is same everywhere That is Purushottam Ram…….

त्वाम भजे जगदीश्वरं नररुपिणं रघुनन्दनम

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