Coffee!! Feel the bliss of aromatic fragrance it emits, soothes the soul and relaxes its taker…Sounds beautiful na!! I am one such coffee lover.

When I left drinking tea, I found something amiss. So I thought of giving a shot to coffee and here, my journey with coffee begins. It was a very cold winter day, raining heavily and the cold winds were flowing most joyfully. The weather was perfect for me to settle myself on the terrace of the A Block building in Sri Badrika Ashram with a freshly brewed cup of coffee with one of my favorite namkeen. As I sat calmly while embracing the bountiful beauty of nature, feeling the aromatic waves with each sip fills my heart with gratitude and relaxes my aching being. The best thing I enjoy doing when I am with myself.

As time passed, I was being known for beating coffee and my love for it. I once had an opportunity to serve coffee to one of the residents and I served her with all love.And she was quite happy drinking in this cold winter. Sometimes, it’s a savior to shake the beats of chilly winds that go deep in. To my surprise when I met her the few days, I felt happy with her warm words, that coffee was amazing, not only this she continues to say that it was the best coffee she had..and even the taste of coffee stayed on her tongue for two or more days.. I felt what it was… I wondered. But that’s long as she likes it and is happy.. I am Good.

Recently, I visited Ashram for a week and I made sure to keep my coffee kit with myself. I kept all the things for brewing coffee and lo, I forgot to keep the most essential ingredient…i.e. coffee.. And I felt a bit uncomfortable because I love to have it every day but if it’s not there.. I’m okay too.

It’s the grace of Bhagwan that he sent coffee my one of the resident gifted a box of South Indian coffee and I overjoyed to have it and next morning I brewed it for three of us.. two other fellow devotees… we kind of enjoying each other’s company for last two to three days….but as we all settled on our table in dining hall, there three more fellow devotees joined us on the table.. Now  I was wondering how to make six cups of coffee from the three cups I initially prepared. It was a chilly morning, one aunty was really feeling cold, so I offered her a cup…she was quite skeptical but she gave in.. I arranged for the cups and scoop out an equal amount of mix, in six cups and I poured some water and mixed it well…And served it hot to my lovely group of devotees.

They all thanked me for serving us with love, and helping beat this chilly morning and for making their day.. as they complimented. They were happy and joyful after that and I was glad that Bhagwan gave me the opportunity to serve his creation in the smallest way I can. It was a beautiful experience where I feel warm inside when others are happy with my little efforts. 

It was so heart warming to hear from most people with whom I shared a cup of coffee, always said to me next time fir piyenge apke saath.. I will say in my style.yeah.. why not… I am most happy to serve…😊 I love that feeling of serving with love. It’s dear to my heart. ❤️

To this day, I beat coffee every day and serve it to Lord and enjoy it sip by sip loving my Bhagwan dearly in my heart. Thank you Bhagwan ji for everything. BTW, you will be surprised to know that I have tried so many coffee and the feeling I find in different coffee is just unique to each. 

Enjoy coffee… try brewing it yourself.. you will love super frothy smooth coffee touching your mouth…😋 If you are wondering that I haven’t shared the recipe, then let me know in comment I will pin it in comment section. Till then bub- bye 😊 Enjoy this ☕

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


Neelam Om

Pic credit: Me, Coffee in my favorite cup😊 In my style 😎