8 am,
and I slowly brew
into a consciousness 
that has percolated 
drop by drop 
from coarsely ground beans 
sourced across 
the myriad regions 
of my mind 
and roasted lightly
to strip them of 
some acidity accrued over 
time and then left 
to suspend in an 
immersion of thoughts overnight,
bitter, rich, sweet 
whose heady potential 
then filtered 
into a crystal clear 
carafe and is ready
for me to pour 
into my cup of 


Waking up to the smell of Coffee has always been a great joy for me- it is one of my life’s little quiet pleasures. I find days when the whole process of grinding the beans to brewing it, to taking that first sip, incredibly reflective and meditative.

I offer this little poem at the feet of My Sri Hari and Our Beloved Master, hoping he enjoys his freshly brewed cuppa today morning.
Once, again, if you have come this far, I am grateful for your time from the depths of my heart and I hope you enjoy your morning, evening or nightly cuppa Joe with as much enthusiasm as I do and find drinking it as much of as joy as it is for me, hopefully !