Avni is finally getting married on 7th July, next year. After a continuous search for 8 years, her parents have managed to find a groom for her. She’s highly qualified and holds a doctorate degree in microbiology. A warm person who’s acknowledged for her good behavior and work by her family, friends and acquaintances. Principal of her college, colleagues and most importantly her students, admire and respect her and call her the ‘best teacher’ of their college. Despite all the qualities she has, she couldn’t find herself a husband. How could she…her biggest shortcoming is her color. In a society obsessed with fairness, and fairness being the most important criteria in matrimonial classifieds, she’s a complete misfit. Her complexion isn’t fair and she’s  called ‘black beauty’ by her friends since her childhood.
It’s really an irony that in today’s modern, educated and open minded society of 21st century, such discrimination still exists. I believe that every person is beautiful and I really don’t understand when some people say that s/he is not beautiful as s/he doesn’t have a fair skin. Who has set such norms of beauty? It’s high time we broaden our mindsets and accept people the way they are!