Can you be in the rain
and miss the rain
when it’s falling all around
droplets everywhere
little rivulets on the run
headed God knows where
it’s how it feels
to have You in my memory
like rain from the sky
flooding silent corners
with sublime joy

Think to survive in this world
one needs kindness
and love
not a little but a lot
then there’s beauty
a symmetry of thought
a divine shining light
to dim the darkness without
You are that fine brilliance
the gentle warmth that invites
weary travellers to pause

So often the heart
professes deep gratitude
to have found You
in this mad crowded jungle
where would we go
to whom
carrying our woes
who’d resolve them
we are animals out here

It’s impossible not to worship
revere You like God
He alone knows what He looks like
the only face we know is Yours
just as the confluence of the holy rivers
washes away all sins
You are the great purifier
of the fickle souls at your feet

O mighty Lord
of the colour of fire
the grand mystery that You are
fathomless is your existence
a meteor in the sky
its tail blazing through the night
Oh how effortlessly You lift sorrow
with the kindest smile
in your auspicious hands
even deaths finds life…

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