This post is more like a process which I thought I would share with everyone. A process I often indulge in to find peace and happiness. After I shared my post Post cards with a traveler.

I received a lot of positive words and appreciation which was very overwhelming and humbling. And that made me want to share my process of creating art in case you would like to explore and experience it as well.

One thing I have realized in my many years of being in the field of arts, everyone can access the divine through art.(Any art music, painting etc).  But very often , actually all the time, people hold themselves back. They are apprehensive. The first apprehension is “I am not good enough”. Then  lets say someone does decide to take the plunge into it, almost within 5 minutes the human mind tries to add a tag to the outcome. “Will it be good”? ” Is it even worth it?

Everyone adds a judgement tag, and that’s  where you close a gateway that can help you access that portal to the divine. First thing to keep in mind, there is no end purpose to art. Even if you are a professional artist. Most professional artists paint because it just happens. ( Of course they need money to survive as well, so yes please do buy art) But the moment an idea of what my painting is worth , creeps in, it’s done. Even the simple idea ” maybe I can frame it or maybe I can share it on FB”, even that idea in my understanding destroys the moment.

So please keep your ego out of the way. It may be the worst painting in the world, maybe you will throw it, doesn’t matter.(You have no idea how many I have thrown)  If you just concentrate on the process, I cannot tell you how meditative it is. Therefore I am sharing this post with you.  I thought I would create a little,  how to begin  painting and how to paint tutorial.

It just might help you to take the first step. Just enjoy it even if it means creating three silly lines. Art is never good or bad. It’s just an expression. In that moment just give yourself to it. (Now of course there is something called singing off key, in that case please do it behind closed doors:)))) I still do that when I practice my violin, a lot of times when I am off key even my dogs run away, or worse start howling. I have learnt to practice where other people are not tortured. So at least with paintings you need not worry about your dogs and family abandoning you.

Disclaimer no: 1 –  I am not a professional artist nor have I been trained. So I have no grand technique or anything. I am only sharing a process, you will probably discover your own.

No; 2 – I have never really done a tutorial video before so forgive me if it doesn’t make any sense. I would be happy to reply to any queries if any part doesn’t make sense.


  1. Water colours ( please remember basic 6 water colour sets are also sufficient) Water colours last for a loooooooong time.( You don’t need fancy sets Faber Castell even Camlin is fine)
  2.  Round Brushes, size 3, 5 , 11 are sufficient. If you are using a large page maybe bigger brushes but my suggestion is start with a smaller page size, you will have more control .  Camilin or Sakura (Not very expensive) are decent brushes , just don’t buy nylon brushes, it will not work.
  3. Paper is something I would ask you to be careful about , try to use paper which is at least 140 GSM – 300 GSm.  Most shops have it. It’s standard sketch book. Don’t pick up those thin drawing books which children usually use for school work.
  4. Mixing plate , this can be bought or like I  often do, I just use a small glass quarter plate from the kitchen. Then I never return it )) . A small glass with water.
  5. Keep some paper towels/ toilet roll it comes handy to absorb extra water.
  6.  Pencil and eraser. You are ready to start.

I am sharing the sketch I made incase you want to copy it out. It’s a simple mountain kind of terrain. You can alternatively use any reference photo. Start with simple things. 

Colour your moment 1
                                      Colour your moment 2

This is what I will help you get to through the following video.

I hope this helps you begin your own journey of painting.  In the future if I am able to make more tutorials I will surely share with you. Because I truly believe the joy of art can heal souls. Especially now.

This is the link to the tutorial video. You are free to download and use it.!Am4z40gGZq3jjApld-O6Fdm3C9GN?e=5PTaOr

Enjoy the journey.

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