O Bhagwan, why is our heart so small
and yours so big
why are we less like You
and more like our little selves
what confines us to the views we take
what binds us
and sets You free

Where must we go
to cast our minds
where do we immerse
the ashes of our trivial everyday sins
why must we wait
for time to pass
to find that freedom
that is already ours

I’ve so many questions for You
and just as many answers
You provide each day
and yet, it feels sometimes
that I know less
than the day I started to walk towards You…

my love for You has grown
surely that I know
from the way my heart beats for You
it looks for You
in little windows of time
from morning to night
You play on my mind
every joy has a way of merging in You
as if reminding me
that it springs from You

Oh Bhagwan there’s so much more
I want from You
every beautiful aspect of Your evanescence
shine on me
a heart as pretty as Yours
every innocence every softness
be mine
where do I start
in this confounding ocean I’m lost

I wish You’d simply
open your eyes
give me your babiest smile
and say to me
‘from this day on
You are to rest in me
your struggles are mine
and today is the day I set You free’

It’s all I wish to hear from You
O Lord, what would I not give
to hear these words from You
I hear them in my mind’s eye
I know them to be true
but once in my life
I must I must
hear You say them as softly
as the wind whispers to the Moon

You are the full Moon of all Moons, Narayana
I bow my head
in the hope that some day
I won’t have to get up
my head at your feet
and the world would be lost
left behind
as a body loses its soul
Please claim me Lord
come claim me as yours…

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