My mind, heart and soul are with Swami, always. I offer my obeisances & seek His blessings for this endeavour to uplift our & da world’s spirit.

Note: This post is a follow up from my previous post and contains a fun announcement.

So, in my last post here, I shared three hacks to increase our positivity during these hard times. I was quite overwhelmed, as is always the case, to see the loving response and enthusiasm from you all, including beautiful silent readers! So, overnight and out of the blue, a couple of friends and I decided to act on point No.3, which was: 

“Dance your heart away!”

But before I tell you what we are upto, did you know that exercise can help boost the immune system? This research here, states that moderate exercise can even halve the amount of sickness days. Cool, isn’t it? If you are here reading this post, you’d probably agree with me that we are made up of energy and this is also known to basic science.


As you may be aware, energy is at the root of any emotion and essentially, if our energy system is scattered, we are more prone to diseases. Why? Because our immunity goes down, we feel lethargic and we eat less well too. When we are doing well energetically and mentally, we remain focussed and contented. And here’s the good news, we can achieve a high level of energy at will. 

As Swami says time and time again, Divine Love is the highest emotion to aim for, in fact it’s almost a state. Dancing in Divine love allows us to focus our energy as we move, setting aside the mind. And just in case you didn’t know, my interest in dancing in Divine love started off from the source Himself, Swami, who danced away with most of us (virtually) on His birthday last year. 

So, today I am taking a big jump, literally and otherwise. A couple of  friends and I, are launching a Zoom session to dance in Divine love and gratitude for our Lord. It’s been organised with the sole purpose of drowning in divine love, lifting the mood, and channelizing our energy towards a healthier state.

If I may tempt you into joining us in this trial endeavour, here’s how it will go:

1. Along with a few friends, a virtual dance session will take place at 7.30pm IST on Sunday 2nd May.


2.Click on the Zoom link in the comments section below to join the session.


3. Anyone can join in. Videos will be off and everyone will be on mute.


4. If you feel that your family will be interested to dance with you, make space and dance. Or, you think they’ll call you crazy (which is a sign of spiritual progression), then close the door, plug your earphones and dance away.


5. We will play the music and you just have to dance away in remembrance of the lord! 


Please know, that if you join in, you must dance! The purpose is to forget all our inhibitions and evoke the love and gratitude within us. If it’s a success, we may repeat the session in the future. Who knows? It could become a weekly thing.


For now, see you at 7.30pm IST today!!! You don’t need any dancing shoes or fancy clothes. Just turn up with an intent to dance in His love. Even having feet is optional, but dance you must! If you cannot dance, Jump you must! If in doubt, here’s a cute story by Swami (read the full story here):


“Sir,” the man said humbly, “I’m so inspired and touched by your positive outlook. I see you have no arms and yet you are dancing. What’s the secret of your happiness?”
“Happiness? Dancing?” he replied somewhat awkwardly, without stopping his dance. “Man, I’m just trying to scratch my bum. It’s not easy I tell you.”


So, are you in, again? Gratitude and love are the only conditions. Trust me, the results are only positive! Let’s beat The V blues together, with the ultimate emotion of Divine love. Physical distance and oceans cannot stop us:) All glories to Him, in His eternal refuge!


P.S: We will start promptly at 7.30pm IST. Please join 5 mins before and please don’t forget your smile in a drawer! Bring it with you!